Another California Radio Station

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Wednesday 22 July 2020
Hoping For Another Station To Take My Show.

I was contacted by Sensimedia Radio Group out of Los Angeles yesterday.

They wanted to hear my show with a view to hosting on their platform, but the Mixcloud player on my website was not there as I had trashed the site in order to rebuild it.

For very many months I have struggled with WordPress, never being able to put things how I want them to be and always ending up trying different themes that promise so much but I always somehow end up with the same result…. a trashed website and starting again.

How about all those wonderful drag and drop page builders? Elementor, Beaver, and Uncle Tom Cobblers and all!!!

How many times have I installed them only to find them so complicated that I end up trashing my website once again?

Early Bird Catches The Worm

So today I got up at 6.30 a.m. Fired up my laptop, and set to work to K.I.S.S.

First I uninstalled WordPress, then reinstalled it again.

Easy WordPress Theme Primer

Then I installed a simple free theme called Primer.

That’s another annoying thing. I am fed up with installing so-called free themes only to find that once installed, the features I saw in the sales pitch are only available with the “Pro,” version.

Same thing with wonderful drag and drop page builders. Go to hell the lot of you.

Back to Primer. I have had this theme all along but I have always wanted three columns and Primer won’t give me the columns in the way I wanted them.

So I gave up on the three columns and set to work to build a simple website with the Primer theme that even an intelligent person like myself could understand.

So if you have your problems building a website try the Primer theme.

It took me about 6 hours to finally get what I wanted including uploading the Mixcloud player for my show which the so-called drag and drop page builders gave me hours of agony when trying to load the player in the exact place I wanted without crashing into the rest of the text or displaying badly on my iPhone. The answer is K.I.S.S

Before I got out of bed I quickly looked at my e-mails to see what new music had come in.

I reckon that most of the world now must either check e-mails or social media as soon as they wake up or is it just me?

New Music From Sophia Brown

I knew I had new music from Sophia Brown last night but left it till this morning, she is actually #2 on my famous HitList this week with her song “Stronger,” but the world will not know until the first broadcast on tomorrow at 5 pm BST and 6 pm CET

The new song is “Senorita,” I congratulated her on this Latin American flavored new song which is a departure from her usual roots reggae, style.

I wondered if our little conversation a few weeks back about the potential for artists in Central/South America had influenced her to make that song I would like to think so.

Sara Lugo Killing It In Latin America

Because I told her how the German Reggae artist Sara Lugo who I have followed since her first album many years ago, had massive views on Youtube and also, I have seen her performing to massive crowds in that neck of the woods on Youtube, this coupled with the fact that Latin American artists I have never heard of get YouTube views in the millions led me to believe there is huge potential there…..providing you can speak Spanish or Portugese….never mind!

Maxi Priest Collaboration

So anyway, having built the website and looking at the rest of todays new music which included Babylon Is Falling, a collaboration between different generations, Jonathan Emile and Maxi Priest, and a promising single from a duo called Double T’Z out of Kingston, Jamaica. I have put them on my list for next week, which by next week will number about 50 songs to be reduced to about 35 for a two-hour show.

How To Make Money On Facebook Free

Yes amazingly I came across this video that led me to change my Facebook heading to this.

The video is here:

Sensimedia Radio Group

Just seen via We Transfer they have downloaded the show so fingers crossed they like what they hear and The Reggae Shout Out Show continues to grow.

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