Reggae Sumfest Day 2

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Reggae Sumfest Day 2

Was a triumph. Not only for the artists but also for the Jamaican Tourist Board who had the foresight to put on a virtual, free show for the rest of the world to enjoy and also to remind and audience of millions of all the wonderful amenities a holiday in Jamaica has to offer.

The show could not be faulted, apart from the obvious fact there was no audience to elevate the occasion to the highest high.

As I was watching I could not help but think that in the event of further shows of this nature being envisaged, given pandemic circumstances, then an artificial crowd noise such has been done in the English Premier League would be a good addition with the choice of having the crowd or not.

Gyptian The Perfect Show Opener

The show kicked off with a highly polished set from Gyptian resplendent in a cape. He serenaded us with his cover of the “Cool Rulers,” classic, “Love Overdue,” which he released a few months ago and of which has been scandalously virtually ignored.

Moving on to the very gorgeous hit “Beautiful Lady,” followed by the expected mega-hit “Hold Yuh,”

With an opener like that, it was to be expected that every other artist would rise and shine and shine they did.

Freddie “Big Ship,” McGregor Show Stealer

A lot of better-qualified commentators than I have given their opinion that Freddie McGregor was the best act on the night and I have to partly concur based upon his sheer professionalism, the slick arrangement of his medley of hits.

But surely running him very, very, close was Reggae’s newest sensation.

Koffee, Young, Gifted, And Inspirational

Having burst upon the scene in 2018 with what has now become an anthem.

The instantly recognizable “Ragamuffin.” Koffee bounced on stage with all the presence of a star act that belied her very young age.

Her musically and lyrically perfect “Rapture was the song she chose to hit us with and from then she had us reeling with the aforementioned “Ragamuffin.”

From there she set us alight with “Toast,” the massive worldwide hit that even Barack Obama is reputed to have had on his playlist. It should also be mentioned that her band was also supremely brilliant with some fabulous guitar solos.

And so Koffee left us with her latest, and once again instantly recognizable already a hit ‘Lockdown,” and the feeling that if ever she will appear in a live show within 10,000 miles of me, then I must be there to witness it.

Other highlights for me were the ageless and brilliant Dean Fraser. The video clip of Sizzla and all that he is doing for his local community and of course his very energetic performance throughout his set.

I have to say in the absence of any other alternative if these big virtual shows are what we have to have, for now, then so be it.

With so much in your face sponsorship, I hope the artists were well paid and will continue to be so because I am sure it will not have escaped the notice of one or two corporations that there is some very big money to be made from these shows if done the right way, and let’s be realistic it is money that drives everything in this crazy system we live in these days.


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