Reggae Sumfest Jamaica

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Reggae Sumfest Jamaica-Well, I awoke at 3.30 this morning as usual. Being old and with an ageing bladder that is a feature of my nights’ rest.

I awoke two hours after Chyna Nicole’s live broadcast on Facebooks Music Saloon which is another platform set up as a result of live festivals and shows cancelled because of the Covoid-19 thing. Still, the wonder of this internet age is that everything can be watched later.

So I didn’t bother to watch last nights 1st night of Sumfest-we now have a situation where live performances are going out at simultaneous times- the line up didn’t interest me so I opted for Chyna Nicole’s performance and slept through it but was able to catch the recording.

Since I have never been a fan of any artist singing to backing tracks whoever they may be it is hard for me to either praise or criticise this kind of performance. It is what it is.

There are now magnificent flyers on Instagram here is an example for tonights Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica.

Now that is some excellent line-up, and since I have my ageing bladder problem it should be no problem for me to be awake at 2 a.m to catch this show…hopefully!











It will be interesting to see if there is any future in it.

But my first impression is it is just like Premier League football without supporters. Perhaps they will need to bring in fake crowd noise to make these shows nearer to the real thing. We shall see.

I know one thing for the right shows I will pay to see, and this must be in the minds of the promoters/broadcasters which can only be good news for the artists deprived of income, that is as long as they get the proper fee for the performance. Time will tell.

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